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Battle of the Brushes

In this post I’ll be doing some de-tangling brush comparisons. Today we’ll be comparing the Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush and the KareCo de-tangling brush.

Both the Felicia Leatherwood and KareCo brushes are great brushes. They both have teeth that spread apart, meaning that it’ll glide through your hair with ease. However, neither one of them comes without flaws. I’ve personally used both of these brushes several times.

The KareCo brush is much more gentle on the hair due to the fact that its more like a paddle brush. So the bristles are semi soft, and not hard on the hair. Therefore, its gentle enough to use every wash day.

However, I find that the brush doesn’t de-tangle the crown portion of my hair like the Felicia Leatherwood brush does. I discovered while I was applying my styling cream that I still had some sections on the crown portion of my hair that were still “glued” together, meaning I couldn’t separate some portions in my crown area to apply the twisting cream. I think the reason for this is because since the KareCo brush is like a paddle brush. The bristles are short. Therefore, since they are short they don’t get in between all that thick hair on the crown portion of my head. Perhaps I have to try smaller sections.

Price: $11
Ease of use: Easy
De-tangling factor: Good
Roughness on hair: Gentle
Availability: Walmart or in Walmart stores

Felicia Leatherwood
The Felicia Leatherwood brush is a bit more harsh on the hair due to the fact that the bristles are long and hard, which makes this a brush I wouldn’t use every wash day since its a bit rough. But when I tell you that its a de-tangling power house. Its a de-tangling power house. Every time I use this brush. It gets every bit of shed hair out. I have no hair that’s “glued” together at the crown, and my hair is fully de-tangled.

Price: less then $20
Ease of use: Easy
De-tangling factor: Great
Roughness on hair: Somewhat harsh
Availability: online; maybe in a store if you hunt for it.

Bottom Line: Both brushes have their place in terms of de-tangling. I feel like if your hair is on the fine side then you should probably go with the KareCo brush since its softer and easier on the hair. But if your hair is on the thicker side then I would go with the Felicia Leatherwood brush.

If you choose to solely go with the FL brush then I would suggest using this brush no more then twice a month since it can be a little harsh on the hair. That’s what I do. I use the FL brush twice a month to make sure I don’t have excess shed hair, still lingering around my head, and I finger de-tangle the rest of the month.

If you feel like finger de-tangling is a joke for your hair, and you need an actual tool every wash session, and if you want the best of both worlds. Then try using the KareCo brush on the easier, less rough parts of your hair and the FL brush on the more difficult parts.

I must admit though. If someone told me that I had a choice between the FL brush and the KareCo. I would go with the FL brush. Because I know that at the end of the day. My hair would be thoroughly de-tangled.

Felicia Leatherwood

One thought on “Battle of the Brushes

  1. Thank you!!!! I didn’t the KC brush was out there. I have 4C hair but need a weekly detangle so I fell like the KC brush is the one for me. I can use my denman brush to handle the roots. Thanks for the break down


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