Hair Product Reviews


Curlformers give you Shirley Temple curls in several different sizes.  But what are curlformers you ask?  Curlformers are yet another styling tool.  Its a learning curve to insert your hair into the plastic holders.  But once you learn how to do it.  Its a piece of cake.  If you look on YouTube.  You’ll find plenty of tutorials on how to use these curlers.  Whitney White, of Napturl85 gives you a great tutorial on how to use these curlers.  But after a while, you’ll get used to it.  The one thing I love about Curlformers is that your hair dries pretty quickly.  And the reason for that is because the curlers have little teeny tiny holes inside them which gives your hair access to air.

The downside about Curlformers is that they are ridiculously expensive.  Just to give you an example.  You could end up spending close to $70 for a pack of 40.  However, on the flip side.  They’ll last forever.  But if you do some searching, you can find bootleg Curlformers online.  I found two packs of the spiral sized curls on eBay for $40.  I thought that was a steal considering I was able to get two packs for less then the price of one, however I recommend purchasing the legit Curlformers hook because the bootleg hook can be very flimsy.

I just want to mention that Curlformers has an option of three sizes.  The spiral, the corkscrew, and the barrel.  In English that means medium sized curls (spiral), small curls (corkscrew), and large curls (barrel).

I have all three sizes.  The medium ones I found on eBay.  The corkscrew ones I ordered from the Curlformers site, (I got a bad experience from the Corkscrew bootleg ones I bought off of eBay), and the barrel sized ones I ordered off of Amazon.  All of the sizes I ordered I have to say that the medium and corkscrew are my favorite sizes.

Even with the price issues.  I highly recommend them.  Especially for a special occasion, because they do really give you a nice curl that’ll get compliments from many people.  If you plan on purchasing them.  I suggest getting the length you eventually want your hair to be.  For example, it makes no sense to purchase the short Curlformers that only go up to 8 inches, and your hair is 6 inches or so, and you plan on growing your hair to armpit length (APL), or bra strap length (BSL). Makes better sense to get the longer ones because your hair is going to grow.  Unless you plan on keep your hair at a shorter length.

Spiral curls (medium sized curls)
Corkscrew curls (small curls)
Barrel sized curls (large curls)

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