Embrace Natural Beauty

I got my hair done Jan 6, 2018 from Abena Palmore who owns Embrace Natural Beauty. Her salon is located in Sola Salons.  However, its her own salon space, suite 31.  She located in White Plains, NY.  I had an appointment at 9AM, and I was sitting in the chair at exactly 9AM.

I got a nice trim and a flat iron.  Abena is very professional and is SO gentle!!  Never have I had my hair done by such gentle hands.  She’s very knowledgeable of natural hair.  She asked me questions on how I wash my hair and prepped my hair for the flat iron according to how I wash my hair, so I wouldn’t end up with heat damage.

I first sat in her consultation chair and we discussed any concerns I may have with my hair.  She then takes some “before” pictures.  After she takes the “before,” then you sit in the wash chair.  She proceeds to wash your hair and give it a good protein treatment since I was getting a flat iron.

She has a steamer, but I wasn’t able to use it because since I use Castille Soap to wash my hair.  She was concerned my cuticles would lift too much, and my hair would get damaged with the flat iron.  So she deep conditioned my hair with my own natural heat.

After she deep conditioned my hair, she rinsed it out, and added an all in on leave in, moisturizer, and heat protectant.  Then she proceeded to de-tangle my hair.  Once she de-tangled all my hair.  She proceeded to use the flat iron with the small teeth comb.

She’s super gentle and I didn’t feel like I was losing any excess hair at all.  After she blew dry all my hair she then proceeded to flat iron, after the flat iron she gave me a nice trim.  She didn’t cut off too much, only what was needed, and she only did two passes with my hair.  Once over the hair, and then again with the chaser method, which is when you take flat iron the hair with a brush or comb.  She also didn’t use a ridiculous amount of heat, only 390 degrees.  To see the final results of my hair.  Check out my Instagram page.

I highly recommend you take a trip to White Plains, NY to get your hair done. Great service, everything great, and its super easy to get there by the Metro North, if you don’t drive, and apparently there’s a parking lot to park in.  That way you don’t have to worry about parking.  I took the Metro North from The Bronx.  Super easy.

Now go! 😀

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